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Appreciate Culture of Wonogiri Society

Appreciate Culture of Wonogiri Society

Indonesia is an archipelago country that has variety of ethnic groups and cultures. Culture is the result of idea, sense, and wish of human. The culture such as appreciate culture and respect culture. Along with development of epoch, the soul of that culture experience displacement. So, there are often engage in a gang fight, uncontrolled raging, and wars between of ethnic groups like often seen in the television or newspaper. All of them will corrupt coalescence and unity of Indonesia. Maybe it is because of the society not as yet understand the important of appreciate culture.

Javanese culture is a strong based of appreciate attitude. So, it must be still guarded and conserved. As an aspirant of teacher so we must give contribution to Javanese culture especially appreciate culture.

Appreciate Culture of Wonogiri Society

Javanese people are famous as respectful and cultured ethnic group. They also have a high appreciate attitude. It is shown by silent and not easy to frankness attitude. Javanese people silent is not meaning they don’t know anything. But it inclined to attitude to admit about differentiation of human. So it can be said that Javanese culture want to create peacefulness and avoid enmity from that differentiation.

Majority of Wonogiri society are Javanese ethnic group. Most of people use Javanese language as daily language although Indonesian language is official language. Majority of Wonogiri society have a religious Islam. Another religion which followed is Catholic, Christian, Hindu, and Buddha. Region of Wonogiri which is very small has variety of differentiation such as ethnic groups, religions, races, and traditions. That varieties if is not based strong appreciate soul culture absolutely it will happen cleavage in region of Wonogiri.

In Wonogiri, that appreciation soul culture of differentiation and variety is still strong, but there is also which experiences displacement because the development of epoch. In the following are conditions of appreciate soul culture of Wonogiri society:

1.     The societies still use Javanese language which has grades for respect older people, people who have higher position, etc. But, now youth less able use the good and right Javanese language appropriate with who and where they speak.

2.     If there is neighbor who have agenda, so another neighbors mutual help. Such as, mothers cook; fathers in the part of equipment, and youth serve food and average or in the Javanese language called ‘nyinom’. All help without discuses about the differentiation. So more and more tighten of that society. Now there has been a little change. Most of people who have agenda more choose to order food by catering all at once the waiters.

3.     If there is brother or sister of their neighbor have wedding, born, or death so one of village will attend that agenda. Another example is if there is brother or sister of their neighbor who sick so the societies swarm to visit them. It never happen if there is no appreciating soul culture.

4.      Bersih desa or village clean activity, ‘arisan (regular social gathering whose members contribute to and take turns at winning an aggregate sum of money), and BKR (Bina Keluarga Remaja) are realization of appreciate soul culture in society. Such as ‘arisan’, the place for ‘arisan’ is migrating from the one house to another house in rotation. This is realization the differentiation without see rich or poor, what the religion, and where they come from.

Effort to Conserve Appreciate Culture

Appreciate culture must still conserved. As aspirant of elementary school teacher must able give supplies to generation of Indonesian. Things that able to done are:

1.     Giving good example how to appreciate another people. Such as give greetings if meet, use a good and respectful language, and not different another people.

2.     Make study groups which aboard consists of student who have different region. In the group the can study to appreciate other opinion. They can study to accept and appreciate to follower another region in around.

3.     By integration of moral value and attitude value in active learning. By discussion, cooperatively, compromise, doing the task by stand-alone and responsible, mutual respect, have a certain attitude of good manners, fair, and mutual appreciate inter-fellow being in social and academic.

            As Indonesian nation which full of differentiation and variety so must set out the similarity in Indonesian nation, not exacerbate that differentiation. The appreciate culture must be planted to children. Planting appreciate attitude is important so that children grow and habitually accept differentiations so created coalescence and unity.

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