Friday, 11 January 2013

A Fearing Man in the Cafe

One day, when I was a child, I was invited by my friend to lunch together in a cafe. My friend was Anna. She was older than me. I felt very happy when she invited me because its foods was famous very delicious. We went to cafe by Anna’s motorcycle. When we arrived, we sat down. The waitress gave us a menu and we ordered some foods and beverages. Suddenly, there was a visitor who came. He was a man. We never met before. He did not sit down immediately. He called the waitress with coarse words. That man had made me, my friend, the waitress, and other visitors scared.
That man was big and his tall was about 170 cm. His skin was black. His hair was long and curly. His moustache was thick. He had a tattoo in his left arm. Then, the man sat down. His table was in front of our table. Our food came, but I did not eat it immediately. I trembled and my hand was cool. I was scared to death because the man always saw us. One of his eyeballs was blue and another was black. He was really scary. He also brought a jackknife in his pocket. He liked a criminal. That day was really a bad day. I could not enjoy that lunch. Then, I said to Anna that I had headache and I wanted to go home. Finally, we came out from that cafe and we went home together. Until now, I still hope that I will meet him again.

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