Friday, 8 February 2013

My Sweety Young Brother

           I have a young brother and a young sister. In this moment I want to tell about my young brother. His name is Amir. You can call him Amir. He is student of elementary school in the fifth grade. Now, he is ten years old. I think he find a new hobby now. It is playing chess. When he was a child, we and my cousins sometimes played chess together. But now is seldom. When he follow the chess competition at his school, he is very interesting for playing chess. He becomes often have exercise. Because he is very interesting, he requests everyone in my family for playing chess with him. Father, mother, young sister, my cousins, my uncle, and I. He is very happy when he wins. 

In the first day we play, he was lost no match that he won. And absolutely, I won. But for the next day we play, I lose, and he won. He had developed very fast. I felt very surprised. I am happy because he always studies from his mistakes in the match. I always pray so that my young brother always wins every chess match.

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